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Bottled in the in the heart of bourbon country.

Adventure-Ready in glass or a Klean Kanteen TK Pro

Mountaineer Bourbon

Adventure-Ready Swing-Top
97 Proof, 750ml
Batch #21-01

Mountaineer Bourbon

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel
97 Proof, 750ml
Batch #21-01


Batch #21-01

97 Proof Mountaineer batch #21-01 rises to the nose with a rich maple syrup aroma. Flavor hints of gingerbread spice, English toffee, and a dash of black pepper. Finished with lingering cedar notes and a buttery mouthfeel elevate the finish of this blend of high-rye straight bourbons.

  • Blend of 2-4 Year Indiana Bourbon 

  • Bottled in Ohio

  • Destined for the Mountains

  • 48.5% ABV to help you travel lighter



Mountaineer Spirits is dedicated to bringing people together and inspiring an endless series of adventures with the people we love the most. Mountaineer Bourbon represents the feeling of being outdoors and the freedom of the American West.

At Mountaineer Spirits our vision is to bring people together to inspire endless adventures with the people we love the most. Mountaineer Spirits was created by three friends with a shared appreciation for bourbon and outdoor adventure.  Together, we set out on a journey to share that freedom, adventure and camaraderie with the world through whiskey.

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1% For The Planet

Environmental Committment

An accelerator for environmental giving, 1% For The Planet is a 501(c)3 started by Yvon Choinard, the founder of Patagonia.


Mountaineer Spirits is a 1% For The Planet Company and pledges 1% of sales to support approved environmental non-profits.


We are excited to partner with Klean Kanteen, another 1% For The Planet company, to double our environmental support and sell their 750ml TK Pro Kanteen filled with Mountaineer Bourbon Batch #21-01 at select stores and online. 


Origin Story

Mountaineer Spirits was founded by outdoor enthusiasts who, like our first bourbon, were born in the heart of the US and were drawn to the mountains.


From the grain-growers to our distilling partners, from the coopers to the truck drivers, and all the way to the bartenders and retail employees at the last mile, we work with many people along the route to pouring you a glass of bourbon and could not do this without them.

Thanks for joining us on the trailhead of the Mountaineer Bourbon journey. We're a veteran-owned company and invite you to raise a glass with us to the mountain soldiers that helped shape the American West with ski areas and mountain hiking routes. 

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Thank you for supporting Mountaineer Spirits! We are excited to get this small business off the ground. Please follow us on I @mountaineerspirits

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